Occupancy Cost Audit Group

Specialized Lease and CAM Audit Recovery Service

Our mission is to diligently review and improve our clients’ internal controls and financial performance by creating successful partnerships between our people, business partners, clients and their Landlords.

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Our Services

Occupancy Cost Audit

A comprehensive review of all the billings from and payments to your Landlords or partners.

Landlord Statement Audit

Review all the open balances across all Landlords and properties.

Invoice Payment Processing

Assist in processing the incoming CAM Reconciliations or Operating Expense Reconciliations from your Landlords or Property Managers.

Property Disposition

Resolve underperforming or unwanted fee-owned and leasehold real estate across all property types.

Special Projects

Review contract compliance, rent reductions, lease terminations, assignments, subletting or property dispositions.


Share best practices with its clients and is available to answer questions or concerns at no additional cost.

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News & Updates

Retailers Have a Limited Window to Renegotiate Leases

By Michael Wiener, President of ExcessSpace Retail Services Not all landlords agree that tenants have leverage regarding the negotiation of lease terms. While the future remains uncertain especially due to a number of factors including rising interest rates, supply...

Retail Sales Up

Sales volume is improving at many shopping centers, despite customers’ briefer store visits. The trend runs contrary to a retailing maxim that longer dwell time goes hand in hand with increased spending. The shift has landlords wondering whether the trend is a...

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