Occupancy Cost Audit Group (OAG) delivers to our clients the highest standard of excellence in the audit industry.

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The Occupancy Cost Audit Group (OAG) offers a full array of services through our strategic partners including occupancy savings, owned property disposition and strategic reviews and portfolio evaluations. The current commercial real estate environment is severely challenged. The tight credit market, increased vacancy and softening rents have put pressure on landlords as well as tenants that are frequently seeking to eliminate excess real estate and occupancy expense from their portfolio. OAG helps our clients by providing these services:

  • Occupancy Savings – Rent Reductions/Lease Terminations, Assignments and Subletting
  • Owned Property Disposition – Sales and Auctions
  • Strategic Reviews and Portfolio Valuations

OAG partners with its clients to resolve under-performing or unwanted fee-owned and leasehold real estate across all property types, including retail, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial, distribution centers, office and residential. For over 20 years, we’ve leveraged long-standing landlord relationships and in-depth real estate knowledge to renegotiate and mitigate leases. We deliver comprehensive strategies using state-of-the-art operating models, forecasting and benchmarking.

We provide the solutions to recoup thousands of dollars in overcharges. Our services can recover billing errors, maximize Lease compliance and control future occupancy costs.  We will review every facet of your Lease to determine potential billing errors, and our comprehensive approach will provide optimal results.

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Occupancy Cost Audit:

Lease auditing is our core service. OAG delivers deep and comprehensive reviews of all the expenses received from and paid to your landlords and ensures their accuracy per your leases.  We’re an extra set of eyes on your costly real estate spend and we’re only compensated on successful recoveries.  We review every category of pass-through real estate expenses to make sure you only pay your fair share.  We are the expert in identifying, validating and recovering lost profits quickly and efficiently, which result in improved financial performance and insightful information with actionable recommendations for sustained performance.

Landlord Statement Audit:

OAG can review all the open balances across all landlords and properties to bring you up to date quickly.  We couple powerful software with veteran Lease auditors to efficiently examine invoices, related Leases, Amendments, CC&R’s, REA’s and other critical real estate documents, searching for overbillings, overpayments and many other factors that would result in an errant transaction.

Invoice Payment Processing:

OAG can assist in processing the incoming CAM reconciliations or operating expense reconciliations from your landlords or property managers to ensure they are correct and payable per your lease agreements.  We can also work with landlords to bring missing or incomplete CAM reconciliations up to date.

Property Disposition:

OAG partners with its clients to resolve underperforming or unwanted fee-owned and leasehold real estate across all property types.  We overcome unfavorable lease agreements, capitalize on owned property and help clients better understand their real estate holdings as they rethink and restructure their business strategy and operations.  Our services include lease renewals, new site selection and relocations.

Special Projects:

OAG and its partners offer strategic reviews and portfolio evaluations to review contract compliance, rent reductions, lease terminations, assignments, subletting or property dispositions.  We also support research and benchmarking programs with a powerful combination of experience, case studies and our proprietary COMPASS system that warehouses 30 years of claims and landlord data.


For many of our clients, we’re their “help desk”.  We utilize a very transparent methodology and we’re always inviting our clients to watch, listen and learn from us to tighten their own internal controls, lease language and team.  As your partner, OAG always shares best practices with its clients and is available to answer questions or concerns at no additional cost.

Why Choose Us

OAG is dedicated to building a successful partnership and exceeding your expectations.

The depth of in-house experience and industry perspective provides a unique level of sensitivity and understanding to the critical factors that will result in meaningful audit results. Our audit team members have a vast experience base from their prior careers managing the real estate portfolios for some highly recognizable nationally branded retailers.

Our Experience

OAG averages more than 20 years of related experience and possesses extensive retail and industry knowledge which allows us to offer unique solutions to your complex problems. Our associates are former property managers, landlords, and real estate executives and are cross-trained to handle all of the working environments of our clients. In fact, we may have already audited centers where you are located.

Commitment to Client

Our clientele can expect complete confidentiality of files, leases, and other agreements with minimal disruption of daily operations. We have the utmost respect for your Landlord relationships and give our clients complete control of the audit process while offering fair and reasonable fees.

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We will identify, validate and recover your lost profits quickly and efficiently. Review our full line of services and contact us to get started.